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"Healing and the Internal Chinese Therapeutic Arts"

"For thousands of years the Chinese have believed the human being gets energy through exercise, food and rest.

Exercise is incorporated in complex movements in Tai Chi and Ba-gua and Chigung (energy work). The health and meditation benefits have been widely confirmed in helping conditions like arthritis, depression, blood pressure and general well being. The benefits of these internal martial arts go deep into the body, affecting nerves, muscles and internal organs. Both psychological and physiological vitality increase with regular practice.

In energetic medicine the use of acupuncture and homeopathy and herbal remedies also assist in treating illness. Having studied aspects of other systems , one finds many - like Pilates and Alexander Technique - mimic many ancient Chinese movements. All the internal Chinese [martial] arts are used to reduce blood pressure, improve nerve function, regulate digestion, reduce fatigue and help rehabilitation of muscles and joints.

Health is approached as wellness, a clear mind, balanced emotions, strong vitality and freedom of organic illness. The exercise and treatments in China aim to prevent and heal body dysfunction, using whole mind-body systems. Such a system for developing freely circulating Chi [Qi] is Ba Gua (I-Ching based, and over 1500 years old).

It cannot be emphasised enough that to enable the body to benefit, proper supervision and qualified instruction, such as my instructor Alan Tinnion provides so fully and so well, is essential."

Ferndown Dorset

"I have been attending Alan's classes for 6 months and under his kind guidance and infinite patience I have discovered many benefits to my mind and body along with an increased awareness of the world around me.

On my first class, I knew this was where I wanted to be.

The moves are very relaxed and graceful which create a sense of calm, and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Alan emanated friendliness, calmness, relaxation, and a passion for his art. His presence creates a flow of positive energy.

His teaching style has integrity, quality, and much depth, and he gladly shares his vast knowledge with us.

Whatever worries or concerns I may be carrying as I enter the class, by the end I am calm, focussed and revitalised, and at peace.

This has been, and continues to be, a voyage of new discoveries.

I highly recommend this most beneficial form of exercise to anyone, and of all ages, who is seeking a healthier balanced mind and body. It is a key to gaining a quality way of life and learning to go with the flow."

Poole Dorset

"I have been attending Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes run by Master Alan Tinnion for several months.

I enjoy the classes, finding them good for flexibility, balance and calming of the mind.

The classes are structured and not hurried. Alan is very patient and precise in his teaching.

The discussions before/after the lessons are very helpful and interesting. I have learnt the therapeutic application and the culture of the movements taught. The hand-outs are very helpful combined with a verbal explanation."

Wimborne Dorset

"I have been attending the Tai Chi classes for 8 months and my only regret is that I did not start them much earlier. Already I feel that they have been very beneficial for my overall sense of well-being, both physical and mental. The slow yet quite challenging movements stretch the body and the muscles, and help to achieve flexibility and a better posture, resulting in improved balance and co-ordination. In addition you learn the correct therapeutic deeper breathing techniques for concentration and meditation.

Alan is a patient and extremely well-qualified and experienced teacher. He demonstrates the movements slowly, then repeats them and works through them with you. Before and after the classes he clarifies elements of Tai Chi in a most interesting way, making you wish to know more about TCM. He asks you to ask questions, and is always willing to go through any of the steps again. The fact that some students have been attending his classes for 2, 3, 4, and even 8 years speaks for itself. Each student, be they beginner or more advanced, can join in and enjoy learning this amazing yet extremely practical traditional Chinese art form from such an expert teacher. I have found the students in all the classes very positive , very friendly and always willing to help if you forget some of the movements. Everyone can learn at their own pace, and there is no competitive element between the students.

What made me decide to take up Tai Chi?

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer in 2007, with treatment starting 16 months later. It is a type of bone marrow cancer, affecting any bone of the body where the myeloma cells divide and expand within the bone marrow. 20 months ago I started in earnest to practise Qi-Gong, using a CD for Meditation for Cancer patients. Surfing the internet I realised that Qi-Gong was only the first step in the traditional Chinese arts, and that Tai-Chi was the next- but definitely the traditional Tai Chi.

Finding Alan Tinnion's website was a real break-through. The classes were everything and more than I could have wished for. Despite the slow movements every part of the body is stretched, so I did ache the day afterwards. I also learnt firsthand the deeper breathing techniques and that it could improve my weak immune system. In the first two classes the effect of feeling the enhanced Chi between my hands and in my body was a really uplifting experience, and to quote a modern expression 'I was hooked'. As are definitely all the other students.

Thank you, Alan."

Poole Dorset

"I keep coming back because the more Alan teaches us - about the exercises and also the whole vast philosophy of TCM - the more I feel myself becoming immersed...! It exercises the body and mind. My memory is improving along with my muscle tone.

...The way that Alan clearly explains the whole subject makes things extremely interesting and I wish to learn as much as I can - and that is what keeps me coming back week after week. I feel better in body and spirit - much calmer - and more appreciative of the world around me. My joints are much more flexible and I feel better in myself, and know I will continue to do so. I only wish I had started to learn the techniques at an earlier age - and my hope is that more and more people are made aware of the benefits.

Alan makes the classes fascinating and challenging sometimes - never boring - I always feel I want to learn more and more - and that is what being a good teacher is all about..."

Wimborne Dorset

"I have attended Tai Chi classes with Master Alan Tinnion for a number of years.

I train on a regular basis.

I am delighted to say my whole life has completely changed since I was introduced to this class by my G.P.

I now feel positive and confident.

I have lost weight, my concentration and clarity of mind is much improved.

My co-ordination and energy have changed, making me feel able to enjoy life to the full.

My breathing has greatly improved by doing the slow and graceful movements and I don't get out of breath.

I really enjoy my classes and would recommend this for anyone who wants to enjoy feeling calm, stress free both in mind body and spirit."

Ferndown Dorset

"Having recently had two hip replacements I find the exercises, although they are gentle and slow, are helping me regain muscular strength in my legs, improve my posture and help my breathing.

I find that Master Alan Tinnnion's explanations as to the origin and purposes of the movements, and the benefits that may be expected, are most interesting and informative."

West Parley Dorset

"Some reasons why I started Tai Chi and Qi Gong with Master Alan Tinnion, and why I want to continue:"

"I feel fitter, and more flexible and more balanced both physically and mentally. Practise is now part of my daily routine because the benefits are so tangible.

Here are a few of the positive aspects:

  • You can start at any age and any level of fitness.

  • You do not need previous experience or knowledge.

  • You do not need special clothing or expensive equipment.

  • You can come to the class on your own as everyone is helpful and friendly.

  • You can practise on your own at home. You do not need a large specially designed space.

  • There is no sense of competition with others: Everyone benefits in a different way.

  • You do not have to buy a term's membership in advance. You pay for classes individually and the cost is Very reasonable.

  • The pace of learning is carefully controlled, so that everyone understands what is being taught before we Continue. Questions are encouraged.

  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong are taught seriously, with deep personal knowledge and exemplary patience by Master Tinnion.

It is unlikely that a western student will get a better introduction to these ancient disciplines: I am Grateful for the opportunity to study with Master Tinnion."

Wimborne Dorset

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"Having practised Tai Chi and Qi Gong under Master Alan Tinnion for over two years now it is possible to articulate a few of the beneficial effects from a personal perspective. Although indivisible in reality it is, perhaps, easiest to divide the effects into the physical and the psychological.

Physically, the more one practices the healthier and (literally) more flexible one feels. The frame and muscles are stretched and the joints loosened, and those many nagging little aches and pains that seem to creep up with age start to diminish. In short you start to feel more alive as the Qi flow increases.

The psychological effects are somewhat more difficult to express. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are deeply embedded with the theory and practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and so the underlying concepts do not fit neatly into Western patterns of thought. However, with some application, the benefits of practice soon become apparent with an increase in mental focus and (paradoxically) a deeper mental relaxation. Tai Chi, it seems to me, becomes as much a study as a form of physical activity.

If forced to condense my (limited) understanding of Tai Chi so far, I would summarise it in terms of learning to become both physically and mentally balanced."

Wimborne Dorset

"Benefits I get from Tai Chi/Qi Gong:

Lower blood pressure (E.G 98/56)

Better and deeper breathing

Stronger legs

Better balance and agility

Good co-ordination

Better Health"

Wimborne Dorset

"I was referred by my NHS GP to Dr Alan Tinnion, who in turn invited me to attend his medicinal Tai Chi / Qi Gong classes.

It must be said that at the time my lung capacity was not good and invariably my chest was very tight.

In only a short period of time, attending once weekly classes and practicing regularly at home, I noticed a great improvement in my breathing capacity and the tightness in my chest had gone.

Furthermore, since attending my first class 17 months ago, my neck and back are more flexible.

Without doubt I feel more vibrant, sleep better, breathe more easily and am a much more relaxed person."

Broadstone Dorset

"I find Qi Gong and Tai Chi very relaxing and calming, especially as my wife and myself lead a very hectic life. Whilst practising them I am forced to slow down, clear my mind of problems and worries and concentrate on the exercises, thus relieving stress. They are also improving my balance and leg strength, and are undoubtedly are improving my concentration and memory, by keeping my brain active.

I find our Instructor, Master Alan Tinnion's explanations and teaching most helpful and beneficial, as they go far beyond purely movement and sequence tuition."

West Parley Dorset

"After my husband died I had a series of stressful situations to deal with. I was able to cope on the surface but inside was a different story. I looked to adult learning to find something to help.

Fortunately for me Master Alan Tinnion was taking a six month course on Qi Gong. It was just what I needed, I enjoyed it from the start and the first thing I noticed was that I was relaxed and uplifted. The fact that I am still one of the students after ten years speaks for itself. The practice of Qi Gong has improved my balance and flexibility, it helps my memory and has given me more confidence.

I always feel relaxed and energised whenever I have practiced."

Winton Dorset

"Training with Alan Tinnion at the Bournemouth and Poole Tai Chi Club has been an honour and, for me, a unique opportunity to be taught accurate, unaltered traditional arts that have a direct lineage back to the shaolin temple and beyond.

Health benefits of the Daoist Tai Chi, practised daily, all be it only a small amount, have reduced my stress levels and corresponding blood pressure, helped me to have more clarity of mind (occasionally), and exercise my entire body without ever being in danger of any harm or injuries.

Alan, as well as being able to transmit high level martial art skills, is well versed in traditional Chinese medicine including Qi Gong which, used along with traditional medicine, can and does improve the management of long term illness.

It has a positive impact on breathing, balance, co-ordination, calmness and agility, to name just a few of the benefits. Some may be less tangible until a greater depth of understanding is achieved through constant practise.

This, I find, is an excellent way to escape modern life for a few moments everyday and refresh and re-vitalise your body mind and spirit.

Alan is an excellent teacher and transmitter of these arts with great patience. He has a way of teaching all abilities and levels but tailored to the individual without altering the fundamental forms from the direct lineage he has learnt.

This is not something to be taken on lightly as, to gain the most benefit, an equal amount of practise needs to be done every day.

I cannot thank, and recommend, Master Alan Tinnion enough."

Winton Dorset